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Fast Internet | VoIP Telephony

Get the best of both worlds. Get a fast internet connection and offset the cost with savings on your phone system.

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Opticomm, OpeNetworks, NBN

 Fibre Internet – NBN, OpeNetworks, Opticomm

Commercial or Residential Internet Connections using the Fibre solutions from most providers including Opticomm, OpeNetworks and NBN.                 Learn_More_Button small

Fast Internet and Office Connections

Get the best of both worlds. Get a fast internet connection and offset the cost with savings on your phone system.

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KloudPhone VoIP

Need a home line, 10 lines for a small business, or hundreds of extensions with enterprise features, we have you covered!                 Learn_More_Button small

Gibson Shopfitters Case Study

“KloudPhone were able to save us $40,000 per year compared to our previous contract while increasing the speeds at both our main and satellite offices. The savings alone covered the costs of a new phone system which included 57 Cisco handsets in about 4 months”.

“Support for setting up the service was well and truly above and beyond what I had expected and The migration itself was conducted with very little interruption to business operation, it was reasonably seamless and I was provided updates throughout the entire process”.

Some Advantages Include

Fast Home Internet

Fast Home Internet with a Free Phone line. NBN, OpeNetworks, Opticomm, Metro Ethernet, ADSL

Multiple Site Internet Support

Do you have multiple sites, perhaps sites in different states? Link your offices with free traffic between them. Have a single link to the internet for all sites.

Hosted Phone Systems

Don’t pay tens of thousands for a new phone system for your office. Let us manage this for you. Our KloudPhone system has all the benefits of onsite at a fraction of the cost.


Unlike the Big Boys, we will listen to you and tailor a solution to suit your exact requirements. We will aggregate many vendors to get you the solution you require.

Awesome Customer Support

We do not queue on an overseas call centre. You have problems you get to speak directly to one of our engineers, We will work hard to resolve your issue and keep you informed the whole time.

Contact Us

Interested? One of our Account Managers can demonstrate our platform to you. We can even set you up with a 30 Day Trial

About Us

KloudPhone originated out of a 25 year old Systems Integration Business. The owners were given an opportunity to provide VoIP to a retirement Village and KloudPhone was born.

Need Support?

Resilient communications backed by experienced professionals and a service level agreement that delivers the guarantees you require.

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