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KloudPhone Unique Selling Propositions

KloudPhone has many Unique Selling Propositions. We started our business in the Retirement Village market. As you can imagine in any situation involving emergency buttons and critical care, uptime and availability is important. Some of our Unique selling Propositions are listed below, but please give us a call to discuss what we can do to help you. We own our own infrastructure and can customise a solution to suit your requirements.

USP smallblueticktransparentTotal VoIP Solution:

Kloudphone offers a complete, managed VoIP solution. This includes the entire VoIP network (end to end including call termination) and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

blueticktransparentTotal ISP Solution:

Provide Fibre, Metro Ethernet, or DSL tails to your customers. We can aggregate all your  connections to a single point of interconnect. This allows traffic between all sites to be free of internet charges. We can provide a QoS for the VoIP.

 blueticktransparentQuality & Secure Carrier Grade Network:

We offer a high quality, fully supported network that uses carrier grade circuits, not lowest cost Internet connections. Business grade circuits between customer sites and their “off-net” calls are not routed via the public Internet. Our resilient network has multiple priorities to ensure calls are connected. Our products are backed by Service Level Availability (SLAs) targets giving the customer a high level of confidence.

blueticktransparentWe do it Right:

Our business started off providing telephony over a fibre network for retirement villages. Emergency buttons and critical care create a unique set of circumstances. This resulted in us designing our back bone infrastructure to work under a unique set of scenarios.

blueticktransparentCost Savings:

Kloudphone’s VoIP solutions can  deliver attractive cost savings via

  • Efficient transportation of communications (voice and data) over a single network
  • Direct dialing between end-user offices
  • Lower maintenance costs.

blueticktransparentGreat Rates:

We have leveraged our relationships with carriers, clearinghouses and equipment suppliers to deliver the customer low cost call termination throughout Australia and the worldwide, as well as discounted network equipment and CPE.

blueticktransparentVoIP Specialists:

Kloudphone is a VoIP specialist. Our operation has been running for 4 years. We have a big footprint in aged care and small business.

 blueticktransparentSimplified Billing:

We offer a simple, straightforward billing structure and rate tables to better help you manage your call costs.


Kloudphone’s VoIP solutions flexibly integrate with different network configurations and CPE, and are highly scalable.

blueticktransparent Ease of Network Administration:

Our VoIP solutions offer uniformity of technology across end user sites and branches, therefore simplifying their network administration requirements.

blueticktransparentCustomer Service:

Our VoIP services are backed by excellent and responsive customer service.

blueticktransparentNo Long Term Contracts:

We are confident that we will exceed your expectations we have no long term contracts.

blueticktransparent30 day Free Trial:

Even our 30 day trial  VoIP services are backed by excellent and responsive customer service.

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