Just Look at all the Features

Most companies and businesses no longer have the need for an onsite PABX.Save Money and get all the same benefits with a hosted PBX

Multi Device/Line Ring

The Multi-Device or Simultaneous Ring feature enables you to set up multiple phone numbers to ring simultaneously when any calls are received on KloudPhone number. The first phone to be answered is connected. 

Follow Me/Chase me

With Chase or Follow Me switched on, calls to your KloudPhone line will simultaneously ring up to three additional phone lines, like a cell phones or work numbers.. 

TIME OF DAY Forwarding

Need your calls forwarded based on a predefined schedule? No problem. With Time of Day Forwarding, you are in complete control of when and where calls get sent.. 

On-Hold Audio – Your Way

When your callers are put on hold – it’s an opportunity to tell them more about your products & services. Simply supply us with an MP3 or WAV audio file and we will start playing it when you place your callers on hold. For a small fee, we will even create your on-hold messages for you. 

Additional Features Include
  • Call Return
  • Call Redial
  • Call Screening
  • Call Logging
  • Call Park / Pickup
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail
  • Block Anonymous Calls
  • Intercom Support
  • Conference Room Support
  • Hunt Groups
  • Auto attendants
  • Address Books
  • Call Transfer
  • Dial Plans
  • Music on Hold
  • Do Not Distrub
  • Fax Relay Support
  • MS Teams Support
  • Call records

Plus many more. We can customize a solution to suit your requirements.

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