KloudPhone Financial Hardship Policy

Billing and Payment Information:

Billing will occur at the end of each month: beginning on the 1st of the month and ending on the last day of the month. This means the customer will receive 12 invoices per calendar year.

These bills will arrive either by post and/or email. Should the customer require a copy to be delivered by email, they should instruct Nortec IT in writing or at the time of signing the ISP contract.

All prices stated on the invoices are inclusive of GST. All payments shall be made in AU Dollars or another currency agreed upon by Nortec IT and the Customer.

Nortec IT shall invoice the Customer within seven (7) working days after the end of the month, and payment shall be due within twenty-eight (28) days of receipt of the invoice.

Payments can be made by:

# Credit card, as advised on your invoice or by telephoning Nortec IT Accounts Department with your card details. For payments made over the telephone directly to Nortec IT, a receipt will either by posted or emailed for your reference.

# BPAY, where your biller code and reference is stated on the bottom half of your invoice

# cheque addressed to Nortec IT and posted to PO Box 431, Castle Hill NSW 2154

# Direct Bank Deposit to Nortec IT, Bank: St George, BSB: 112 879, Account Number: 043 698 672

# Or, in person at Australia Post via cash or Eftpos (with your current invoice). It is important to note: a minimum payment of $10.00 is required paying in person at Australia Post.

Terms and Conditions:

The Nortec service is a combination of telecommunications services enabling the Customer to select alternative routing for certain outbound voice traffic from the Customers home facilities. The Customers IP address will be registered with the Nortec service. The Customer hereby consents to sending/receiving voice traffic from their home to other IP addresses. The only outbound call types eligible for routing Nortec from the Customer’s premises are to Australian geographic numbers, digital mobile numbers and international numbers.

The Customer acknowledges the quality of the service carried via the IP Communications Service is directly related to the availability and available bandwidth of the connection during each call.

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