KloudPhone Spend Management Tools

Spend Management Tools

Kloudphone provides these following Spend Management Tools for each service listed below, should you have any queries please contact us for more information.

VoIP Voice

You can call us on 02 8985 9999 at any time to check on your usage.

Usage on these services may be delayed by up to 24 hours, however non-standard calls such as reverse call charges, international calls and third-party charges can take longer for us to receive as such these may appear on the following billing period’s invoice. We will not invoice you for any charges older than 160 days as this is not permitted by law.

You can restrict certain services (such as some call types) associated with higher fees, this might be a permanent bar on all services (excluding local calls), or it may be a temporary bar on certain call types (eg. international, national or calls to 1900 numbers). There is no charge to instigate call barring.

Fibre Broadband

These services will be shaped once the limit is reached, you will receive an email/sms to advise of this and a recommendation to upgrade to a more suitable plan.

Changing your Plan

If you find that you are going over your limit often, please contact us to discuss the option of changing your plan to a more cost-effective plan that suits your usage needs.

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