Grow your business, compete with the larger companies.
Why your business should have a Phone Number rather then a mobile number
  • Having a phone number gives your business legitimacy. You are perceived as being a larger business with multiple staff. A mobile phone number gives the impression of a single person business.
  • Regardless of where you are, how busy you are, or the mobile reception. You will receive your calls and have them emailed to you. Impress your potential clients with a Call Service – Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service.
How We Help You Do This

We utilize Cloud technology and host a full telephone system for you – it includes all the features of the high end phone systems.

  • A new number or migrate your current number
  • A new fax number or migrate your existing one.
  • Send faxes to your email – free of charge
  • Transfer calls to your mobile, multiple mobiles or phones at $0.10 cents per minute
  • Take messages and send them to your email.
  • You can now cancel your landline at home and save yourself approx $30 per line.



Divert Silver

$ 20 ex

per month

  • Speed 25Mbps/5Mbps
  • Unlimited Data*
  • 22Mbps Typical Evening Speed
  • 2-3 People
  • SD Streaming
  • VoIP
  • Basic Gaming

Divert Gold

$ 50 $ 40ex

per month

  • Speed 50Mbps/20Mbps
  • Unlimited Data*
  • 45Mbps Typical Evening Speed
  • 3-4 People
  • HD Streaming
  • VoIP
  • Responsive Gaming

24 Month Plans Includes

  • Fibre ModemRouter: Plug and Play.
  • Fixed or Wireless IP Telephone. Pre Programmed.
  • Phone Number Rental/ Migration

No Contract Plan Includes

  • Minimum 1-month connection
  • IP Phone is not included but can be purchased
  • BYO Modem or can be purchased

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