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Solutions for the Mobile Workforce

Landline to mobile

How to compete with the big companies and save money

Grow your business, compete with the larger companies.

Why your business should have a Phone Number rather then a mobile number

  • Having a phone number gives your business legitimacy. You are perceived as being a larger business with multiple staff. A mobile phone number gives the impression of a single person business.
  • Regardless of where you are, how busy you are, or the mobile reception. You will receive your calls and have them emailed to you. Impress your potential clients with a Call Service – Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service.

How We Help you do this

We utilize Cloud technology and host a full telephone system for you – it includes all the features of the high end phone systems.

  • A new number or migrate your current number
  • A new fax number or migrate your existing one.
  • Send faxes to your email – free of charge
  • Transfer calls to your mobile, multiple mobiles or phones at $0.15 cents per minute
  • Take messages and send them to your email.
  • You can now cancel your landline at home and save yourself approx $30 per line.

We can even supply you a cordless internet phone for your home – that can save you money when making calls from home.

Mobile Workforce Features : What we do and How it works.

We utilize cloud technology and host a full telephone system for you. You no longer need to pay thousands of dollars  to get all of the features you need. We have a full PBX or Private Business eXchange – it includes all the features of the high end phone systems.

Using this technology allows us to offer you all the features of having your own phone system – without the expense. See our white paper for more information on the features of our Hosted  Cloud PBX.

We put a lot of thought into what cool features we should offer. Have a look below :

Get A New Phone Number – Don’t Use Your Mobile Number.
Get a New Phone Number – Don’t use your mobile number.

Stop advertising your mobile number as your main number. We will give you a brand new phone number and can redirect it to your mobile or any number of other phones. Imagine have two mobiles ring at the same time.

Migrate Your Existing Landline Phone Number. No Need To Have A Landline.
Migrate your existing landline phone Number. No need to have a landline.

If you have a current phone number and are paying a more then $10 for it – you are paying too much. We will migrate your number and can redirect it to your mobile or any number of other phones. Imagine have two mobiles ring at the same time.


You’re busy – we collect the message for you. You can dial in and collect your messages at any time.

Voicemail To Email
Voicemail to Email

Too busy to dial in to check your messages That’s fine – we will collect the message for you and send it on to your email address. Listen to it on phone or on your computer.

Divert To Mobile
Divert to Mobile

Ditch the mobile number and get a more professional image and divert your cloud number to your mobile. Cool hey!

Cloud Fax To Email
Cloud Fax to Email

Don’t Pay for a Fax line. Cloud Fax delivers faxes directly to your email. Receive them anywhere, even on your phone.

Handset For Office Or Home
Handset for Office or Home

Get a cordless IP phone that uses your existing internet. Make low cost calls. If your mobile is busy we can divert to this phone instead. Imagine getting 10 cent call Australia wide mainland call – untimed.

1300 / 1800 Numbers
1300 / 1800 Numbers

Stop appearing to be just a local business using your home phone or mobile number. Project the image of being as large as your competition.

Call Redirection / IVR
Call Redirection / IVR

Press 1 for sales, 2 for service, 3 for emergencies or 4 to leave a message… Cool.

Australia Wide Numbers
Australia wide Numbers

Are you in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, no matter which state we can supply you a Geographical phone number. Or do you want to have an office in another state – we can give you a phone number for that state.

Conference Calls
Conference Calls

We can  offer you a conference call facility. Need to speak with multiple people at the same time. Give us a call to organise.

Mobile Workforce : Plans Available and Competitive Rates

Calls sent to your mobile – 15 cents per minute.

Faxes diverted to your email – Free.

Calls made from an IP phone at home – 10 cents Australia-Wide mainland.

$10 per month
  • Virtual Number and Redirect
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail To Email
  • IP Phone Calls from Home
  • Month to Month
Divert + Fax
$20 per month
  • Divert Plan plus
  • Fax To Email
  • Call Menu (press 1 for sales, 2 etc)
  • Month to Month
Divert Gold
$40 per month
  • Divert + Fax plus
  • Conference Call Facility
  • Website Space
  • Office 365 Basic
    • Mail
    • Onedrive
    • Skype for Business
    • Sharepoint
  • 12 Month Plan
Divert Internet
$100 per month
  • Divert Gold plus
  • NBN 50/20 or ADSL
  • 12 Month Plan

For all plans add a

  • $10 a month for a Cisco wired phone
  • $15  a month or a wireless phone
  • $17 a month for a dual handset wireless phone

Contact us for prices on porting your existing number, special services, 1300, 1800 and international call rates.

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