What can you do with 1GB of Data

This page will assist you working out your data allowance for our data plans, on average 1 Gigabyte of data will allow you to perform the following actions per month;

  • Surf 20 hours worth of the internet
  • Receive 1000 emails
  • Download 20x four-minute songs or other audio media
  • Watch 5x four-minute YouTube clips
  • Download 40 photos

This is a rough guide only as some factors can change these estimates (i.e. High Definition YouTube clips compared to Low Definition clips).

Capacity Estimates

The information on this page will help you estimate what capacity you need for our internet and mobile data services.

  • Internet browsing – 100 MB per hour
  • Social Media (Facebook) – 50 MB per hour
  • Email (text only) – 50KB per email
  • Documents and Photos – 2 MB each
  • Music Downloads – 4 MB each
  • Video Downloads – 3GB per movie
  • Voice Over IP – 20 MB per hour
  • Video Over IP – 60 MB per hour
  • Online Radio – 60 MB per hour
  • YouTube and similar =500-1000 MB per hour
  • Online Gaming – 500 MB per hour
  • Netflix SD Streaming – 1GB per hour
  • Netflix HD Streaming – 3GB per hour
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