Frequently asked questions

What Exactly is VoIP

Voice delivered using Internet Protocol (IP). It is a term used in IP Telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the IP. In general, this means sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

How does the quality compare to fixed line?

With Kloudphone your customers won’t notice the difference. We use dedicated switching and one carrier. That means your calls will not travel over the public internet. As well, our network is backed by 24/7 monitoring and SLAs.

How do I know the quality is as good as fixed-line?

Kloudphone will give you a two week trial period. We can provide you a couple of phones to test out the call quality and some of the features.  If your’e not happy with the price and quality, you can return the equipment to us. But if you are happy (and you will be), you can cut the Telstra tether and start saving big!

What do I need to get started?

This depending on your telephony needs and existing PBX.

If your phone system is old or in need of a replacement and you have a good internet connection – then you need only buy or lease the handsets from Us. We preconfigure them – you simply plug them in and your up and going.

If you have a new phone system and it supports SIP trunking – you need only point it you our SIP Truck ports and you start saying immediately.

If your phone system is new and does not support SIP Trucking then you can start with a small gateway (about the size of a TV set-top box). These can be delivered and pre-configured by us, so all they have to do is plug them in and start calling.

Alternatively we can install an onsite PBX and link it to our SIP Trunks.

What are the upfront costs to get started?

The upfront costs can be as little as the cost of a handset. With every migration to VoIP everyone is different. The Kloudphone team can set you up with a trial and make the migration seamless.

What are the savings compared to traditional voice?

Depending on how many calls the answer could be thousands! Most of our calling rates are well below fixed-line charges, and our line rental fees are more than one third what you will find from any PSTN carrier.

What are the choices for incoming numbers?

We have number ranges in all capital cities. All you have to do is choose the city and we will assign a series of numbers to your account.  There is no additional fee for this service.

Can we call internationally?

Absolutely – Anywhere in the world – at rates well below fixed-line.

Do I still need PSTN lines?

The short answer is – Often No. But..

This depends on your setup and situation. For example some bank transaction terminal require a PSTN line (although most are moving to internet based). In this situation you need either a PSTN line or a SIP line with an ATA adapter. The same goes with faxes (does any one still use these). Although in this case you can use our Fax to Email service.

We can advise you the best way to minimise your communication expense

I have remote or interstate offices !

Our solution works particularly well for remote offices. Calls between offices are free. Other offices can be extension numbers to your main office. Handsets can ring in one office and after 3 rings (for example) transfer to another office. There are loads more advantages

How will I be billed?

You will receive a bill from us each month. It will be simply and clearly laid out for you with no hidden charges.

Where and when will I see returns?

With our solution, you are able to see immediate and significant returns as soon as you migrate to VoIP.

What about Fax lines ?

Our hosted PBX supports fax to email, so there is no need for a dedicated fax line. Besides who uses faxes.

I’m worried my internet my be too slow?

Before deploying our solution Kloudphone will carry out testing on your line. If your speed is too slow – for the cost of a single line you pay your PSTN provider – we can install a connection dedicated to VoIP. We can provide you with DSL, NBN, Metro Ethernet and a whole range of Fibre based technology.

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