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Gibson Shopfitters

How KloudPhone saved Gibson Shopfitters $40, 000  per Year


“KloudPhone were able to save us $40,000 per year compared to our previous contract while increasing the speeds at both our main and satellite offices. The savings alone covered the costs of a new phone system which included 57 Cisco handsets in about 4 months”.

“Support for setting up the service was well and truly above and beyond what I had expected and The migration itself was conducted with very little interruption to business operation, it was reasonably seamless and I was provided updates throughout the entire process”.

The Challenge :

  • Optimise Links between multiple Gibson Shopfitters Offices
  • Replace an Unreliable ‘on-premise’ phone system with a solution that could provide high-end features for the business.

The Solution :

  • High Speed – High Bandwidth Links Connecting Gibson Shopfitters Offices
  • Onsite VoIP Server using KloudPhone SIP Trunks

Benefits and Savings

  • Reduced Internet and Telephony Costs for Gibson Shopfitters by $40,000.
  • Increased Internet Speeds at each site.
  • Savings in the first year exceeded implementation costs.

Video Transcription

My name is Brad Griffiths; I’m the IT manager at Gibson Shopfitters, one of Australia’s largest shop fitting and joinery businesses. We have about 100 staff spread across three states and as the IT manager; I’m the technical lead within the business.

Our previous phone system not all suited to our needs, quite old and doesn’t fall inside the file, hardware a little bit difficult to find and so this is an opportunity to reduce the amount of expenditure and help in savings.

We put this out to tender and found out it’s the most cost competitive and flexible provider. They allowed us to use our own on-site PBX and offered technical assistance to help us implement the service.

Kloudphone were able to save us $40,000 per year, at the same time we increased the speed of the internet connections at each site — and savings alone are more than enough cover the implementation costs.

To Find out how KloudPhone can save you money on your Internat and Phones call us on 1300 KALL ME or fill out the form below

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