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KloudPhone is an NBN Partner and Retail Service Provider experienced in supplying and supporting internet technology Australia wide.

KloudPhone provides an NBN ‘One Stop’ partner for the supply of services and equipment. Whether you are a home user or a business looking to upgrade to the speed of the NBN, call us to get connected. We also specialise in NBN compatible phone systems for your home or business. We aim to have the best NBN internet pricing and plans

Why Choose KloudPhone?

  • Great Value Internet and Phone Plans To Help You Save
  • Use Your Data Whenever You Want (No peak or Off-Peak)
  • Uploads are not counted towards usage
  • Freedom To Change Your Plan Each Month
  • Short Term Contracts
  • Australian Sales and Support Staff
Critical Information Summary can be found by clicking this link
Plan 1
  • Speed 12/1 MBps
  • 100GB Data
Plan 5
  • Speed 50/20 MBps
  • 250GB Data
Plan 2
  • Speed 12/1 MBps
  • 200GB Data
Plan 6
  • Speed 50/20 MBps
  • 750GB Data
Plan 7
  • Speed 100/40 MBps
  • 250GB Data
Plan 4
  • Speed 25/5 MBps
  • 750GB Data
Plan 8
  • Speed 100/40 MBps
  • 750GB Data

24 Month Plans Include.

  • Free Fibre Modem\Router: Plug and Play.
  • Free Fixed or Wireless IP Telephone. Pre Programmed.
  • Free Phone Number rental.
  • Free First Month of Internet.

Or Give us a call on                    1300 KALL ME (525 563)

 No Contract Plan Includes.

  • Great for short-term leases or for Students.
  • Free Modem: Plug and Play.
  • Minimum 1-month connection.
  • IP Phone is not included but can be purchased.
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