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Worried your Internet is too slow for VoIP

The days of slow Internet are gone!

Did you now that you can get fast internet capable of support a large number of VoIP lines for less than the cost of two Telstra PSTN line.

We now have many options for connecting to the Internet with high-speed internet broadband services. Wired, Wireless or Cellular – Fibre, T1, DSL or Cable service. What is best for you?

We partner with most providers including

It’s Time for a Change with our High-Speed Internet Services

Not happy with your Internet service? We can help.

Kloudphone can supply high-speed internet and connections using ADSL, SHDSL, Metro Ethernet and Fibre links. We aggregate all of these connections into our data centre to offer you the fastest speeds at competitive pricing.

Can we get you a better deal and save you money over your existing broadband service, both improving your uptime and speed? The answer is probably yes!

Let us perform a free broadband analysis and inform you of your options. Perhaps now is the perfect time to review your entire organization’s data and voice plan, save some money and connect your remote offices and users, all at the same time.

Internet Connectivity Technologies

Metro Ethernet
Metro Ethernet

A Scalable, Resilient Solution, that aggregates existing technologies (most commonly DSL), to give you a consistent Up/ Down speed. Whiles speeds are dependant on available technologies for aggregation. We can commonly get speeds of 100/100.


Kloudphone is a wholesale partner with many fibre providers. As a wholesale partner we can negotiate some exception price point due to our interconnects with these partners. Fibre will give you excellent speeds and is extremely scalable. It does cost a little more – but if you need speed and scalability – this is the solution.


NBN is providing access to fast, reliable and affordable broadband services throughout Australia. Kloudphone has a fibre cross connect in our Datacentre linking your NBN connection up to both out fast internet platform as well as of Hosted PBX.


Kloudphone can connect your premises up to DSL connections in all its forms.  For ADSL Plans – click HERE

IP VPN Services

Most businesses have branch offices and remote workers located in cities throughout Australia. Today it is increasingly important that all your offices, remote workers and partners have easy and secure access to up to date information.

IP based VPN provide this vital link, creating a wide area network (WAN) linking all your offices, and remote people giving them the access to the same information as if they were in the head office themselves.

Kloudphone specializes in designing, implementing and managing IP based VPN’s. With clients based in all cities around Australia we provide your business with the necessary infrastructure to link all areas of your business, while reducing your costs and providing enhanced network capabilities.

Key Features Include;

  • Fixed Pricing- monthly fixed rate
  • Operational Cost Savings- simplified centralized management lowers overhead costs. Also maintenance, management and troubleshooting costs are lowered.
  • Optimum Security- Transmitted data remains isolated on the a Private IP network so company information’s not exposed to the public internet.
  • Centralized Policy Control and Management-
  • Multi-Service Capability- this means data transmission and internet access can occur simultaneously along the one connection.
  • Scalability- quickly and efficiently bring new sites on line
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