Low Call Costs
Low SeTup Costs
Grows with your Business
99.9% UpTime

All The Benefits of a Hosted VoIP PBX But Onsite –
Preconfigured – Just Turn It On.

Do you still want the security of having an onsite Phone system, but want all the benefits of a full IP PBX ?. KloudPhone’s Managed VoIP solutions are the way to go. You let us know the configuration that’s right for you. We set it up and ship it to you. All you need to do is SWITCH IT ON. Of course if you prefer us to do all the heavy lifting we will configure and install onsite and incorporate training.

Kloudphone Engineers will consult with you and configure a State of the Art – IP PBX, utilising all the experience and knowledge they have gained running our enterprise level softswitch.

Our system is built on the latest Intel NUC technology and is capable of handling thousands of consecutive calls.

For a list of some of the features you included in your Managed IP PBX click HERE.

Once setup we fully manage and maintain it.

On Premise PBX Voip Benefits

  • Work From Anywhere
  • Call Routing & Hunt Groups
  • Voicemail

As the Managed IP PBX is preconfigured – all you need to do is Power it On. We will ship you everything you need to install your IP PBX. Server, Phones and Switches. Just unbox and connect Up. Want someone else to do the installation – we can get one of our Australia wide Partner to go onsite and set it all up.

Our KloudPBX has so many features – you will be spoiled for choice over what to implement. IVR, Call Recording, Fax to email, Voice to email, Call forwarding. For a more complete list of Features click HERE.

Affordable: Compared to traditional On Premise Phone Systems our KloudPBX is cost effective. It can be purchased out right, or leased off us. Pricing is significantly below the big boys pricing

Our Call Quality is Excellent. KloudPhone started its business supporting retirement villages. As such we had no margin for error – in an emergency situation calls have to be crystal clear and must connect – peoples lives depend on it. VoIP should just work. Unfortunately we do see a lot of companies come to us after being previously burnt by a bad experience from another provider. Our background has ensured we have a strong robust setup.

Low Call Rates both Australia Wide and International. Our rates are competitive with most other VoIP providers. Where they can not compete is at the price we will rent you a full IP PBX. So you save both on Call rates and Equipment Rental.

Your System includes all monitoring and maintenance. Our Engineers keep your IP PBX completely up to date and secure. We will diagnose any issues and help resolve them even if they are on your network (LAN)

KloudPhone Engineers have had Extensive Training

Kloudphone has almost 25 years of experience in the IP and corporate voice communications, including multi site aggregation. Our Engineers have extensive training in IP and IP Communications. We run our own IP and IP Soft-switch infrastructure in our datacentre.Our job doesn’t stop at installing the phone system. We will also configure the phone system up to our own SIP trunk backbone and save you money immediately


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